Dry Eye Disease

  • Dry Eye is a multifactorial disease caused by underlying inflammation resulting in the lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye.
  • Symptoms of dry include constant discomfort and irritation accompanied by inflammation of ocular surface, visual impairment and potential damage to ocular surface.
  • Dry Eye affects over 35% of 50+ older population, with women representing approximately two-thirds of those affected. Prevalence of dry eye is expected to increase substantially in near future due to an aging population.
  • Dry eye syndrome represents a major economic burden in public healthcare accounting to total annual cost for the management of disease to US economy more than $50 billion.

Chemerin - A novel approach for the treatment of Dry Eye Disease

Our therapeutic approach is to develop first-in-class drug candidates that target inflammatory pathways.

Using membrane-tethered ligand technology, we developed our lead candidate OKYO-0101, which decreased dry eye symptoms in mice with no local irritation in rabbits.